Phân phối Lenze Automation Software Package Cam

Software Package Cam

Software Package Cam


Software Package - Cam

In mechanical engineering, mechanical solutions for dynamic motion control are increasingly being replaced by intelligent servo drives with electronic cam functions.

The advantages:

  • High dynamics due to optimum drive management
  • Low-jerk acceleration reduces wear
  • Significant reduction in commissioning and operating time and costs

Lenze CamDesigner

The Lenze CamDesigner is an additional engineering tool for the graphic creation of motion profiles. It can be used to display and edit the motion profiles for all drives on the machine in accordance with the motion plan, ensuring a high level of transparency.

Applications/Application examples

  • Contouring
  • Filling
  • Packing
  • Paper handling
  • Cross cutters


  • Up to 48 curves each with 290 interpolation points
  • Pilot control of the speed and torque for high dynamics
  • Cam group with 3 tracks each with 4 cams, maximum 48 data sets
  • Motion profiles can be activated in any order - sequence control via scheduler
  • The current profile can be stretched, compressed and even moved online
  • 12 reference modes including set reference

Virtual master with 

  • Inching/manual mode 
  • Handwheel 
  • Cycle operation 
  • Automatic operation
  • Virtual clutch with position override function