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Industrial Communication

Industrial communication


For all fieldbus systems currently available on the market, Lenze offers communication modules for networking drive controllers. These are compatible with frequency inverters and servo inverters. This saves time, because the user only has to undergo system training once and can re-use the knowledge he acquired for other drive controllers. The result? Less training costs, quicker configuration, less different versions and above all, reduced costs.

Lenze drive controllers communicate with:

  • Lenze system bus
  • CAN
  • CANopen
  • DeviceNet
  • LON
  • AS-i

Modular and flexible communication 

For Lenze, there is an essential difference between communication modules and function modules. This difference will be explained in the following with the help of the 8200 vector frequency inverter.

Communication modules provide the connection between the frequency inverter and a superimposed control system. At the same time, digital and analog data can be read in via function modules on a second slot.

When the drive controller is detected via the keypad the field bus module communicates with the control system.

The graphic below shows which modules can be operated with which drive controllers