Phân phối Lenze Automation PLC Drive Developer Studio

PLC Drive Developer Studio

Drive PLC Developer Studio


The software development environment for drive-based PLC

The PLC in the drive is programmed in a high-performance software development environment including everything for the experienced PLC programmer. In addition to the editors for the five different IEC 61131-3 programming languages, a high-performance CFC editor (Continuous Function Chart) is available in the latest version.


  • Familiar programming with IEC 61131-3 plus CFC editor
  • Besides the cyclic task, up to eight time and event-controlled tasks can be configured.
  • Programming in the language best suited to the application (from the five IEC1131-3 languages)
  • Import possibilities for existing PLC programs
  • Faster set-up
  • Easier care and maintenance of the software

Programmers can choose between two versions of the Drive PLC Developer Studio: 

  • The "Professional" version includes all features of a modern software development environment.
  • The more economical "Basic" version is recommended for simple applications.

Features Basic Professional
-CFC-Editor X
-Instruction list X X
-Ladder diagram X X
-Function block language X X
-Structured text X
-Sequential language X
Monitoring X X
Debugging X X
Graphic visualisation X
Parameter setting tool X X


Global Drive oscilloscope
As the DDS software includes the oscilloscope there is no need for complex measuring instruments. The Servo PLC serves as the tool for recording all the measured variables relating to the Servo PLC.


  • precise detection of drive-specific process variables with no need for additional measuring tools
  • no need to install temporary measuring sensors during installation
  • - user-friendly documentation for fine-tuning
  • easy maintenance and troubleshooting