Phân phối Lenze Automation Server PLC Technology functions

Server PLC Technology functions

Server PLC Technology functions


Technology functions

Lenze provides users with technology functions as stand-alone software packages. They are an extension of the tried-and-tested development tool "Drive PLC Developer Studio".

In particular, the technology variant 9300 Servo PLC enables use of library functions or preconfigured solutions from the software packages. 

Three software packages are currently available:

  • "Positioner" software package - for point-to-point positioning drives
  • "Cam" software package - for single-axis and multi-axis drives
  • "Winder" software package - for winding drives

Drive based Automation

Drive based Automation is ideal for the requirements of modern drive and automation tasks:
Preconfigured solutions for various technology functions
Quick and easy commissioning thanks to a customised operating concept
Drive-based functions directly integrated in the drive

Software architecture

Drive solutions based on a Lenze technology template are structured as follows:

When a preconfigured solution is used, the technology template forms a self-contained core containing all functions generally required for a certain application. Sub-functions are linked in order that they work together effectively. The user simply has to enter the appropriate parameters with supporting help text.

The PLC Logic part contains the programs which the user creates based on the requirements of the individual application in order to optimise the integration of the drive into the machine concept.