Phân phối Lenze Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters

The global drive system


Frequency inverters for system solutions

One integrated range of frequency inverters to satisfy all needs from 0.25-400 kW. From simple speed control to high performance with fieldbus communications, Lenze offer the inverter you need with a complete support system of operating software, documentation, accessories, training, technical advice and commissioning.


the perfect partner for standard applications in the power range from
0.25-2.2 kW,
230 V, 1ph
0.37 - 22 kW 400 V, 3 ph
8200 vector 
A model system. High functionality and flexibility in the power range from
0.25-7.5 kW,
230 V/240 V;
0.55-90 kW,
400 V/500 V.
9300 vector 
A flexible system, excellent drive behaviour and freely interconnectable function block structure in the power range from 0.37-90 kW,
320-/528 V;
340-456 V; 3ph