Phân phối Lenze Coupling technologie

Coupling technologie

Coupling technologie

The best of connection systems
For more than 30 years the Lenze Group has been involved in coupling technology. Lenze Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co KG, which is located in Asten in Austria, is the Lenze specialist for connection systems providing a deep-rooted knowledge and mature products to solve even the most demanding tasks.

From drive technology. . .
Lenze as an internationally operating specialist for electronic and mechanical drive technology including automation offers a wide spektrum of state-of-the-art products. Power electronics with motors - from DC and frequency inverter technology to servo technology, gearboxes and geared motors, clutches and brakes are manufactured at Lenze in large-scale production.

. . . to toothed belts � we offer you complete solutions
Lenze connection systems ideally supplement this drive technology program and round it off completely. In this way, interesting synergy effects can be reached for our customers and complete drive technology solutions can be provided.

Power transmission is a precision job . . .
. . . and standard products are not always equal to the challenge. Have you ever ordered a great product from a catalogue, only to find on opening it that it doesn�t live up to your expectations? Precision and dynamics should not be left to chance. That�s why we believe in special knowledge, expert advice and close collaboration with our customers. That�s the only way to guarantee your satisfaction and our success. You can be sure that we will use our engineering expertise to determine the best possible design for your installation.

We will find the right solution - in some cases a very special solution - for every job. Our versatile product range, including shaft-hub connections, toothed belt drives, shaft-shaft connections and three-phase AC motors, is capable of satisfying a broad spectrum of requirements.

In order to be able to provide you with an even greater level of service, we are permanently expanding our network of suppliers. We can also review special requirements quickly and accurately using our state-of-the-art production equipment.

There is no such word as "can�t"!

If you believe that too, then you�ve come to the right place. A direct approach is vital, otherwise nothing will get done. If you need us we will be there for you. Our highly trained staff will provide you with expert advice and guarantee you first-class service. Wherever you are, we will get to you - as quickly as possible.

We won�t keep you waiting...
. . . because we don�t hang around ourselves. Our products will be with you faster than you can imagine. You will find that we dispatch goods from stock on the day we receive your order. We have increased our stocks to make us more flexible than ever - and we are sure you won�t object to fast delivery times.

Quality and environmental protection
What can we say that people don�t already know? Perhaps just one thing: quality for us is the most natural thing in the world. It begins at the consultation stage and and extends right the way through our products to customer service. We are also determined to protect the environment in everything we do, which is why our quality management system (DIN ISO 9001) also includes an environmental management system.