Phân phối Lenze Small drives

Small drives

Small drives


The modular product range offering customer-oriented variants

The Small Drive division of the Lenze GmbH & Co KG company has the optimal drive in the 12 - 1,100 W performance range to suit you. Lenze�s small drives are used in many industries in both mains- and battery-powered types.

Our customers are in the main in the mechanical engineering, alternative energy, construction, air-conditioning and ventilation, office machinery and battery-powered applications industries.
Lenze�s product range in these fields of technology includes permanent magnet, shunt-wound and asynchronous motors. Our drives are notable for their high reliability, low operating noise and flexibility as well as their compact design and high performance. When combined with a variety of gearbox types that are themselves noted for long service life, service friendliness and finely stepped ratios, they become highly efficient geared motors. The modular design of our range of products allows for many variants that customers can select and which can then be attuned to suit the particular applications involved.