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Brakes and clutches

Brakes and clutches


Brakes and Clutches - An Important Addition for Applications

Our products have set standards for many years and meet the highest requirements. High quality is paramount from the development through the selection of material to production, and this is reflected in our products. 

In June 1999, our new factory in Aerzen opened its doors. Equipped with modern production systems and new storage technology, it provides the ideal conditions for fast delivery and optimal products in the usual high quality. 

Flexible assembly systems can produce 1000 brakes of different types per shift, which is 350,000 brakes and clutches per year.

Lenze is Moving With the Times � Products for the Future 

Whether you want to speed up or slow down masses in motion within a short period or your production process has to be carried out in cycles, we provide the right solution.

If operating and/or holding brakes are required, the solution is spring-operated brakes
which function in accordance with the fail-safe principle. The braking torque is applied in the electrically dead condition, quick assembly is provided by the set air gap and the low-wear CAS-CUS (UL) version is standard.

With our range of spring-operated brakes, it is easy to make the right choice for your drive system, whatever your technical or cost considerations.

  • BFK457, the basic solution
    quick assembly: completely assembled with flange, with integrated fixing screws
  • BFK458, the all-rounder
    modular design
    a wide range of versions for practically every application
  • BFK454, the specialist version
    for use in lifts
    T�V-tested (German Technical Inspectorate), meets the requirements of TRA 200 and EN 81

And There�s More ... 

Do you need brakes, which do not simply operate according to the "ON/OFF" principle? The mechatronic brake system Moditorque Control + BFK458 spring-operated brake slow down the drive with variable braking torque; the drive dynamic is supported in numerous applications.

Do you need to speed up or slow down masses in motion within a short period? Using electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes provide high switching frequencies due to short switching times and low motor moments of inertia, transfer of torque without torsional play.

Does your production process run in cycles? With SIMPLABLOC, electromechanical clutch and brake units ensure the drive shaft is accelerated or slowed down with a constant drive speed.