Phân phối Lenze DC drives

DC drives

DC drives


Advantages of electrically-controlled DC drives:

  • Wider speed adjustment range
  • Precise smooth running of motor shaft
  • Good control features with simple control structure
  • Highly dynamic performance

The DC speed controllers feature integrated power regeneration when it comes to generator operation. Owing to these characteristics the electronic DC drives are versatile variable-speed drives for almost all applications. The commutator design and the carbon brushes guarantee a long brush service life.

Direct current motors for DC speed controller operation make high demands on commutation. 

The following characteristics of DC motors guarantee non-sparking commutation:

  • 4-pole structure with commutating pole
  • Main poles in special geometrical arrangement for suppression of armature reaction.

They also ensure high carbon brush service life (up to 15,000 h) � even with increased starting and braking torque.