Phân phối Lenze DC drives IP23 motors 2.0 - 438 kW

IP23 motors 2.0 - 438 kW

IP23 motors 2.0 - 438 kW


The MGFQU/MGFQK series 

Power ranges from 2 - 448 kW, enclosures IP23s, IP43s and IPR44 

The MGFRK series 

Power ranges from 1.8 - 54 kW, enclosures IP44 / IP54

DC motors for operation with speed controllers make high demands on commutation. 

The following DC motor characteristics guarantee sparkless commutation:

  • 4-pole design with commutating poles
  • Main pole in special geometric position to suppress armature reaction

These motors guarantee a long service life of the carbon brushes (up to 15,000 hours) - even with increased start-up and brake torque. 

The MGFQK and MGFRK motor series also have compensating winding that

  • counters armature reaction,
  • ensures sparkless commutation even at many times the rated current (3 x Ir), and
  • ensures sparkless commutation in the field weakening range.

The good smooth-running characteristics even at low speeds guarantee armature slot skewing and high commutator segmentation.