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Servo motors

Global drive servo motors


Global Drive servo motors are optimally attuned to Global Drive servo inverters. Compact drive units with low backlash and high power density are created when combined with the state-of-the-art gearboxes that can be directly mounted � without clutch.

Modular design of the motors and add-ons guarantee reliable performance and short delivery periods. Small dimensions, long service life and operating reliability are further characteristics of Global Drive servo motors.
Easy-to-use system cabling with plug-in connectors make connection simplicity itself. Up-to-the-minute manufacturing processes ensure an excellent price/performance ratio as well.

Series MDSKS/MDFKS synchronous motors

  • For capacities between 0.25 kW and 6 kW
  • with enclosure IP54

Series MDSKA/MDFKA and MDFQA asynchronous motors

  • For capacities between 0.8 and 60 kW
  • with enclosures IP 54, IP23s