Phân phối Lenze Motor inverter

Motor inverter

Motor inverter


8200 motec, motor inverter in IP65; 0.25-7.5 kW 

The 8200 motec frequency inverter offers constructional and technical advantages:

  • High continuous load capacity at low speed (e.g. start/stop operation)
  • High operational reliability through a thermally independent system
  • Easy wall mounting possible
  • Processing possible (e.g. PID controller as standard))
  • Service-friendliness thanks to a plug-on housing

Different components are available to solve various application tasks. 

They offer many possibilities:

  • Operation in networked systems
  • I/O and bus modules provide many possibilities for integrating the 8200 motec into automation solutions.

Versatile functional features Performance combined with intelligent drive features - the 8200 motec is used for an easy and process-optimised control of applications and offers many interesting features.


Type designation E82MV
Power 0.25 0.37 0.55 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.0 4.0 5.5 7.5
Connection voltage 230/240 V
(1x180...264 V ± 0 %)
(45...65 Hz)
400 V
(3 x 320...550 V ± 0 %)
(45...65 Hz)
8200 motec dimensions
(L x W x H) [mm]
190 x 138 x 100 202 x 156 x 151 230 x 176 x 167 325 x 211 x 163 (2231))
Chopper frequencies 2, 4, 8, 16 kHz
Degree of protection IP65/Nema 4 IP65/Nema 4/IP54 1)
EMC (Radio interface level A and B according to EN 55011) integrated as standard
Ambient temperature -20...+ 60 �C (40 ... +60 �C with power derating)
Standard features PTC input, PID controller, integrated brake transistor, motor parameter adjustment and adaptation,
programmable relay output, S-ramps, level inversion, skip frequencies, fixed speeds,
four parameter sets (switchable online), password protection, bipolar setpoint processing, etc.
Control methods optional vector control, V/f characteristic control (linear, quadratic), torque control
Drive features 1.8 x Mrated (60 s),
torque setting range 1:10 for 3...50 Hz,

speed setting range 1:50, with Mrated (50Hz), concentricity � 0.1 Hz
Function modules Analog IN
Analog OUT
Digital IN
Digital OUT Freq. OUT
I/O modules Standard I/O 1 1 4* 1 -
Bus I/O2) 1 1 4* 1 -
Application I/O 2 2 6* 2 1
* includes as option 1 frequency input (with application I/O also double-track)
Fieldbus function modules PROFIBUS-DP, INTERBUS, CAN (system bus), CAN I/O (system bus; two freely programmable inputs), AS interface, LECOM-B
Options Switch potentiometer unit, GDC easy configuration software, hand terminal with operating module or RS232 interface, control module external brake (brake rectifier), external brake resistor, mains bus connector
Standards CE, UL/cUL


1) when wall-mounted
2) Bus I/O: supports combination of terminal and bus functionality. (Note: additional bus function modules cannot be selected with AS-interface and CAN I/O (system bus))