Toothed belts

Toothed belt drives

We offer you just the right products in the belt field:

  • Power belts
  • Driving and conveyor belts
  • Linear belts

For example:


Poly Chain� GT� drives
For low or high speeds, 0.05 kW to 730 kW, Poly Chain� GT�
is more than equal to any challenge. 





Lenc1 1

Synchronous belts sold by length
Open-ended toothed belts are an economical, effective and low-maintenance alternative to chains and steering racks. They are particularly recommended for linear movements (handling equipmant, lifts, garage doors). 


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Polyurethane toothed belts
The range of applications for polyurethane toothed belts is virtually unlimited. The ideal combination of polyurethane and high-grade tension bearers offers substantial benefits. 

We offer you

  • Standard crown gears and V-belt pulleys
  • Special crown gears (according to the drawing of different materials) and
Belt tension testing instruments