The coupling program of the Lenze connection systems contains the following coupling types:

  • Solid couplings
  • Flexible couplings
  • Clutch
  • Safety coupling

Some product examples:

Simplaflex ultra-flexible solid steel shaft coupling

Simplaflex ultra-flexible solid steel shaft coupling
This polydirectional coupling is independent of direction of rotation and completely maintenance-free. Couplings for temperatures up to +300 �C are available for special applications.



Lenc3 1

Servoflex and Arcoflex couplings
Servoflex and Arcoflex couplings are diaphragm couplings made from solid steel. Provided that they are designed and installed corre

ctly, they are virtually indestructible.


Lenc3 2

Rotex couplings
Rotex positive-fit torque transmission couplings are unbreakable. They guarantee torsional vibration-damping power transmission.



Lenc3 3

Bowex curved-tooth couplings
Bowex curved-tooth couplings are flexible shaft couplings for a non positive torque transmission and are particularly suitable for compensating for shaft dislocation.