Phân phối Lenze Frequency inverters 0,37-400 KW 9300 vector

0,37-400 KW 9300 vector

Frequency inverters
3ph. 0.37 - 400 kW


9300 vector � flexibility from design

The 9300 vector is a vector-controlled frequency inverter, that is best suited for demanding applications as for example filling plants, dosing and feed systems, as well as winding drives. Excellent drive behaviour - even without speed feedback - and undreamt- of possibilities for solving control tasks are only a few outstanding features provided by this frequency inverter.

Function blocks integrated into the 9300 vector software enable the 9300 vector to carry out control functions in addition to its drive task, similar to a PLC.

Drive features 

  • Power range:
    0.37 ... 90 kW, 400 V / 480 V
    110 ... 400 kW, 400 V / 500 V
  • Overload capacity: Depending on the type up to 180 % rated torque for 60 s
  • Control methods: Vector control, V/f-characteristic control (linear and square)

Input and output terminals 

  • 2 bipolar analog inputs
  • 2 bipolar analog outputs (freely assignable)
  • 7 digital inputs (6 of them freely assignable) with changeable logic
  • 4 digital outputs (freely assignable) with changeable logic
  • Input for external supply of the control electronics (back-up operation in the event of a mains failure)

Communication interfaces (optional)

  • RS232/485 interfaces, optionally as optical fibres
  • Connection to common fieldbus systems (PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, INTERBUS-Loop, LON, DeviceNet, CANopen)


  • Adjustable current limitation, error messages in the event of overcurrent
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • Warnings and error messages in the event of overtemperature of the frequency inverter
  • Input for PTC and thermal contact and I2t-monitoring to protect the motor
  • Motor-phase failure detection
  • Mains failure control

Standard functions (selection) 

  • 2 PID controllers
  • Slip and mains voltage compensation
  • Smooth starting and stopping along S ramps
  • DC braking
  • Electronic motor potentiometer
  • 4 freely configurable parameter sets
  • 3 frequencies to skip mechanical resonances
  • Freely connectable function blocks

Operation and diagnostics 

  • Menu-guided keypad with clear-text display
  • Copying and transfer of inverter settings using the keypad
  • Password protection
  • Predefinded basic configurations
  • Fault history
  • Comfortable operating software "Global Drive Control" with oscilloscope function