0,25-22 KW smd

Frequency inverters 0,22 -22 kW


Lenze frequency inverters are used for electronic speed adjustment of drives in many industries and applications. The smd frequency inverter - a new member of the Lenze product range - meets the requirements of standard applications such as: 

  • easy implementation
  • simple speed adjustment
  • functions like acceleration, deceleration, reversal
  • protective functions

Lenze smd - the perfect partner for standard applications in the power range 

  • from 0.25 to 2.2 kW, 230 V single phase,
  • and 0.37 to 22 kW, 400 V 3-phase

Compact design
This wide power range provides a compact design that is the ideal balance of performance and size.

Innovative EPM memory chip
The EPM is the "heart" of the Lenze smd. The pluggable EPM stores all of the smd parameter settings. The EPM can be unplugged and programmed or copied outside the frequency inverter. If required, it can also be used in other smd inverters. The programming effort and system downtimes considerably reduced.

High overload capacity 150% Ir for 60 seconds. Compliance with CE, UL, cUL.

Quick commissioning
Quick commissioning is possible using the integrated keypad and the
functions pre-configured for standard applications.

Quick installation
Integrated RFI measures on single-phase models and easily accessible control and power
connections reduce installation times to a minimum.

Overview of the Lenze smd

Technical Data

Type Power [kW] Supply voltage [V] (48...62 Hz) Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]
ESMD251X2SFA 0.25 230/240 V (1~ 180...264 V) 146 x 93 x 83
ESMD371X2SFA 0.37
ESMD551X2SFA 0.55 146 x 93 x 92
ESMD751X2SFA 0.75
ESMD152X2SFA 1.5 146 x 114 x 124
ESMD222X2SFA 2.2 146 x 114 x 140
ESMD371L4TXA 0.37 400 V (3 ~ 320V...528 V) 146 x 93 x 100
ESMD751L4TXA 0.75 146 x 93 x 120
ESMD112L4TXA 1.1 146 x 93 x 146
ESMD152L4TXA 1.5 146 x 114 x 133
ESMD222L4TXA 2.2
ESMD302L4TXA 3.0 146 x 114 x 171
ESMD402L4TXA 4.0
ESMD552L4TXA 5.5
ESMD752L4TXA 7.5 197 x 146 x 182
ESMD153L4TXA 15 248 x 195 x 203
Type of protection IP20
Ambient temperature 0. . .40 (55) �C power derating 2.5% per �C at 40. . .55�C
RFI measures integrated RFI (meeting class A as per EN 55011) for 230V,
single phase for 400V, three phase via footprint filter
Control method V/f characteristic, linear or square-law (pumps/fans)
Overload capacity 150% Ir for 60 seconds
Chopper frequencies 4, 6, 8,10 [kHz]
Output frequency 0. . .240 [Hz]
Inputs freely programmable
Digital: 3 (plus 1 fixed start/stop input) 
Analog: 1 (0- 5V, 0-10V; 0-20mA / 4-20mA)
Output Relay (NO contact) freely programmable AC 250V, 3A DC 24V, 2A . . .240V, 0.22A
More functions Electronic motor potentiometer, setpoint selection using UP / DOWN keys, DC brake (DCB), motor protection through I2 x t, 3 fixed speeds (JOG), fault reset through input signal or automatically (with adjustable delay), diagnostics and display functions (elapsed time meter/power on time meter, fault history buffer, fault message), variable current limits, copying of settings with integrated memory chip and programming unit (accessories in preparation)
Standards CE, UL, cUL