VAICO01-2015, MR 10 Mi Dorninger, 0 820 760 Dorninger
18341,0 819 500 Dorninger
0.821.100.022 Dorninger
834.011.9, PIS3193/1.25 bar Dorninger, MR1K10M! Dorninger
Thermoresistance Temperature probe 1W011GF5A08 B.C.R
Thermoresistance Temperature probe 1W023GF5A08 B.C.R
Load cell Machine weight 1 CL 500 Laumas
Temperature switch Plate temperature 1 (Top) D=6x150 AISI316 cable 5m teflon Seneca
Flow switch Flow switch DBSF-1E Industrie technik
Flowcounter Water counter LC4H-R6-DC24VS Matsushita
Level switch Mat height 1 LM80.AP801-P804 ABB
Cycle switch Piston detector - Main 177-300-094 SKF
Load cell Load cell 1 CFB3K2500AA NBC
Electro pneumatic regulator Flow adjustment ITV2030-01F2BN3 SMC
Photocell Photocell - Receiver 1 LR 110L TB38 15 Telco
Photocell Photocell - Emitter 1 LT 110L TB38 15 Telco
Level Switch, Infrared, Connector proportional card grate 1 - left TR11, Connector 11-pole foot for PA-11 Telco
Photoelectric sensor Detecting board presence (free production end) RLK39-8-80 Pepper+fuchs
Level Gauge, Magnetic indicator Level indicator deaerator BMG-DN20-PN16, L=1600mm with 4-20mA transmitter Kubler
Level Switch, Level too low LI deaerator AUM80-SIL, Contact for BMG/BNA Kubler
Encoder Encoder (B2) H66230.133/2000 Hohner
Level Switch, Level too low deaerator 84.870.700, Relay 24-240VAC Crouzet
Flowcounter Water counter MTH DA Astra
Position transducer 1st Trasversal regulation height position RK-4 Gefran
Limit switch Vent panels 1 RSK Rembe
Limit switch Vent panels 1 SK Rembe
Compressed N 753-GC, 25bar, 5160l/min Compressor Kaeser
Flow Switch Flow alarm low extinguish water FLS-P PSR-1120 6 R20 R1, G3/4" 5,7-13,4l/m Kobold hoặc tương đương
Flow Switch Flow alarm low water cooled flap FLS-P DW182/RR/G/K1, DN50 2500-20000l/h Krohne
Load cell Load cell (B3) FCOL350 Laumas
Level switch Chute max.level PFG05F1122 Camlogic
Level switch Cyclone obstruction level PFG57 Camlogic
Proportional Card Proportional card grate 1 - left Proportional Card VPUD-M Fabercom
Position Transmitter, Linear Position Transmitter, Linear PMA-12-F-0200-X, L=200mm Gefran
Limit switch Released brake 3SE2100-1C Siemens 
Limit switch Suction valve 3SE5122-0CE01 Siemens 
Electro pneumatic regulator Steam injection adjustment Sipart PS2 (6DR5) Siemens 
Encoder Speed control HTL i-1024 Siemens 
Encoder Infeed roll speed measurement AS24DQI Siemens 
Encoder Belt conveyor speed  EG7C (HTL 1024) Sew
Encoder Top belt speed (slave encoder) EG7R Sew
Encoder Incremental encoder load IEH58-00002 TR Electronic
Encoder Absolute encoder CES58M-00015 TR Electronic
Temperature Transmitter, Temperature transmitter FLS-P 1 Temperature Transmitter, Pt100, L=250mm d=6mm VYNKE
Temperature Transmitter, Temperature outlet TO Temperature Transmitter, Pt100, L=380mm d=6mm VYNKE
Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Pt100, L=700mm d=15mm VYNKE
Temperature Transmitter, Temperature fluegasses Thermocouple type S, L=700mm d=22mm VYNKE
Temperature Transmitter, Temperature convertor Temperature Transmitter, head converter Thermocouple-S 0-1200°C --> 4-20mA VYNKE
Pressure switch Emulsion pressure PSD30 Wika
Pressure sensor Collector inlet pressure PSD-30-O-BG525 Wika
Level sensor Analog level 891.13.520 Wika
Pressure transducer Top plate - Steam injection pressure S-11 Wika
Encoder Throughput 1 XBH8-2000-824-B-CM Sicod
Encoder Board speed measurement H8/2500/24/B/N/CL/R Sicod
Encoder Bottom belt speed I-X59ZMA15/5000/824/B/Z/CV/R/05 Sicod
Amplifier Rotation switch - receiver (SV2) 1188238+1186143 Steute hoặc tương đương
Inductive sensor Rotation switch - sender (SV2) 1189975+1189913 Steute hoặc tương đương
Photoelectric proximity Min.level (SL2) WT280-P230+BEF-W280 Sick hoặc tương đương
Encoder Angle - Discharge angle adjustment SG31-OG-6 + AV58M-MWI-6-M12 + M12-COD.A-5-F-D Siko hoặc tương đương
Pressure switch Check pressure (SP1) HDA-4445A 0400-00 Hydac hoặc tương đương
Safety switch 2nd Door protection change blade 1 AZM 161 SK-24 Schmersal hoặc tương đương
Inductive switch Presence roller rod (left in) IN991197+IV991196+VK991198 Ipf electronic hoặc tương đương
Inductive switch Top chain left - Control pin out (before input left) IN180157 Ipf electronic hoặc tương đương
Pressure Switch Pressure switch too low extinguish water FLS-P RT116, 1-10Bar (Diff 0.3-1.3Bar) Danfoss, hoặc tương đương
COIL SOLENOID COIL 018F7397; 24VDC, 18W Danfoss, hoặc tương đương
Pressure Switch Pressostat combustion air fan PSS 1-2 LGW10A2P, 1-10mBar Differential pressure Dungs, hoặc tương đương
EBOX03/Crouzet 83 161 3 Stasto hoặc tương đương
Vibration sensor Vibrating controller SLD723 SPM hoặc tương đương

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