Phân phối Lenze Geared motors Low-profile geared motors

Low-profile geared motors

Low-profile geared motors


Mainly intended for use as shaft-mounted geared motors with hollow shafts.
Connecting elements with low backlash and high gearing quality ensure that Lenze gearboxes have a high torsion resistance

Input variants

  • Geared motor
  • Servo geared motor
  • Geared motor with integrated frequency inverter
  • Bearing flange for IEC standard motors
  • Free input shaft
  • Compact unit

Output variants

  • Solid shaft
  • Hollow shaft
  • Hollow shaft with shrink disk
  • Foot
  • Flange
  • Centred pitch circle

Lenze low-profile geared motors are available for the performance range 0.12W - 45 kW. The large ratio range up to i=856 - combined with the small stage interval=1.12 - permits precise selection of the desired output speed. 

The options available due to modular motor design ensure high flexibility as well. 

The motors are reliable in operation thanks to insulation material/s of the classification/s F and IP 55. The winding is of double-enamel-coated wiring with additional phase insulation and hence extremely resistant to breakdown voltage and mechanically particularly rugged. In perfectly attuned combination with a frequency inverter or a servo inverter very flexible complete drives with variable speed capacity can be realised. Our low-profile geared motors with integrated motec frequency inverters are the answer to the need for compact decentralised drives

Gearbox size Ratio range
04 05 06 07 09 11 14
Output torque [Nm]
(at high ratios)
GFL-2 190 345 657 1337 3107 4882 11334 i =3.5 - 90
GFL-3 345 657 1378 3170 5952 11150 i = 63 - 856

Further information on shaft-mounted helical geared motors and shaft-mounted helical gearboxes complying with ATEX regulations can be obtained from our Download area under Catalogues and Flyers