Compact motors

Compact motors


Geared motors with integrated frequency inverter

The durable and versatile drive

Flexibility in the race with time is a must in global competition. In order to ensure a fast response to changes in customer requirements, complex overall systems are divided into subsystems - these subsystems are manageable and can be integrated as decentralised components in various overall systems as required.

The modern variable speed drive was designed by Lenze on this basis.
The result of this recent development is remarkable. 

The innovative design of mechanics and electronics offers the user numerous advantages:

  • Decentralised intelligence
  • Installation is performed on-location, directly for the application. Control cabinet space and wiring are reduced to a minimum.
  • Wall assembly in close proximity to the motor
  • The compact geared motor disappears into the machine design�there, where it drives.
  • The 8200 motec frequency inverter remains at the machine track�there, where it is easily accessible.
  • Independent system
  • Cooling of the frequency inverter is independent of the coolant flow of the motor fan. The inverter thus represents its own durable unit.
  • Centralised adjustment and monitoring possibilities.
  • Integration into automation concepts can be carried out by linking the system to a higher-level control system.
  • Open modular design for selection of components that are specific to the application.
  • You only pay for what you need.

The frequency inverter can be combined with all gearbox types in the G-motion series. Thus all of the well-known advantages and features of the innovative geared motor modular system can be used.