Compact Units

Compact units


Lenze compact units are rugged variable speed belt drives with a reduction gearbox connected in series that offer a performance range from 0.25 to 45 kW with finely stepped output speeds. The core of these units is the Simplabelt variable speed pulley type 11.213 in maintenance-free polygon design. 

Helical, worm, helical-worm and helical-bevel gearboxes are available with feet, flanges and hollow or solid shafts as options to reduce speeds. Optimal adaptation to your machinery is thus assured. The G-motion const series can also be used here. The high performance density and functionality of this gearbox range is thus also available with mechanical variable speed drives.  The old gearbox series can usually be swapped for the new.

Numerous adjustment alternatives such as

  • front adjustment
  • angular adjustment
  • electric adjustment

And speed display via hand-wheels with position indication or electric speed measurement devices permit flexible adjustment to any application.