Phân phối Bruel & Kjaer VIBROCONTROL 1500


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this powerful and low-priced solution enables measurement and monitoring of

* Casing vibration
* Rolling-element bearing condition
* Temperature

simultaneously at 2 bearings of your machine. The acceleration sensor AS-062/T1 integrates a temperature sensor in the housing besides the elements necessary for vibration measurement. With the mounting of the sensor all three measured variables are acquired simultaneously and expensive addtional components and wiring costs are unnecessary.

Vibration monitoring
Measurement of casing vibration is in accordance with the ISO Standard 10816. The two actual measured values are shown in the display, as well as their percentage values with respect to the set limit setpoint. A violation of the preset limit values is signalled visually (LED) as well as through the built-in relays for Alert and Danger alarms.

Rolling-element bearing condition monitoring
For acquiring the rolling-element bearing condition, a DFT of the sensor signal in the range 500 to 5000 cycles per second is performed, and the sum of the largest RMS value of vibration acceleration is formed. A comparison with the measured value of the measured value of the bearing (in as new condition), the "Bearing Condition Value" is displayed.

Trend measurement
provide you with an overview of the measurement trend, the VC-1500 has a trend measurement function for the casing vibration, rolling-element bearing condition and temperature. The display is provided right at the instrument over a selectable period between 10 days and 10 months.