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Cabling accessories/Safety barriers

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For advice on the most appropriate accessories we recommend that you always discuss your specific application with our specialists.

Cables and accessories for portable applications

AC-161 Connecting cable for AS-020 with MIL connector
AC-162 Connecting cable for AS-020, with tuchel connector
AC-183 Velocity sensor cable, PVC to 70°C, BNC - BNC connectors
AC-184 Velocity sensor cable, PTFE to 200°C, BNC - BNC connectors
AC-185 Extension cable, PVC to 70°C, 5 or 20m, Tuchel - Tuchel (6 pol.)
AC-171 Steel probe, 100 mm
AC-272 Aluminium probe, 220 mm
AC-172 Hexagonal mounting magnet
AC-273 Round mounting magnet
AC-425 Cable for IN-085/INA-085, with tuchel connector, to 70°C
AC-426 Cable for IN-085/INA-085, with pig-tails, to 125°C
AC-436 Cable for AS-065, coiled, 1,5m
AC-437 Cable for AS-065, straight, 5m  
Cables and accessories for permanent installations
AC-1112 Signal cable 4x 0.5 mm2, black
AC-1114 Signal cable 4x 0.5 mm2, blue, EX
AC-1140 Signal cable 2x 0.5 mm2, black
AC-1141 Signal cable 2x 0.5 mm2, blue EX
AC-113 Signal cable, 6-channel, 24-core, black, to 70°C
AC-182 Signal cable, high-temp. single-channel, 4-core, to 200°C
AC-186 Signal cable, EExe, 2-core, grey, to 80°C
AC-188 Signal cable, EExi high-temp. 3-core, blue, to 200°C
AC-197 Signal cable, underwater, 2-core, to 50°C
AC-439 Cable for VS-080, with pig-tails, 10m
AC-503 Power terminal block for max. 32 sensors
AC-504 Signal terminal block for max. 31 sensors
AC-428 Signal connecting cable between AC-504 and electronic unit, max. 16-channel
AC-522 DC decoupling block for connection to MX-410

Power terminal block for max. 32 CCS sensors

Safety barrier sets
AC-4298 ATEX, Safety barrier set for DS-xxxx displacement sensors (signal & supply)
AC-294 ATEX, Safety barrier set for IN-xxx displacement sensors (signal & supply)
AC-293 ATEX, Safety barrier set for ASA-02x accelerometers (signal & supply)
AC-297 ATEX, Safety barrier set for AS-06x accelerometers (signal & supply) 
EQ2362-001 Safety barrier set for power amplifier 2667

Safety barrier set for accelerometer 8326