Phân phối Bruel & Kjaer VIBROCONTROL 1100


Mô tả ngắn:

VIBROCONTROL 1100 for 2-channel measuring and monitoring of absolute bearing vibrations and rolling-element bearing condition using a standard acceleration sensor.

VIBROCONTROL 1100 uses the power of built-in micro-processor technology and the following features:

* 1 or 2-channel monitoring (2-channel multiplexed),
* Either vibration velocity or acceleration sensors
* Monitoring displacement, velocity or acceleration units, and rolling-element bearing condition (BCU),
* Simple, time-saving setup via built-in display and keypad, without potentiometers, bridges or switches,
* Selectable 115/230 VAC power; 0/4 mA DC output
* 2 limit relays plus OK sensor and health monitoring relay,
* LCD display of measurements, setup and events logbook,
* Serial linking to more VIBROCONTROL 1100 units and communication with PC software via an RS-232 interface,
* Easy cabling by plug-in terminal connectors,
* Internal self-test and high reliability level,
* IP65 cast-aluminium housing.