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Sensor holders/Fittings/Housings & Junction boxes

Mã: Sensor holders/Fittings/Housings & Junction boxes
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For advice on the most appropriate accessories we recommend that you always discuss your specific application with our specialists.

Protective housings / Terminal boxes
AC-3001 Stainless-steel dome cover for accelerometers
AC-2106 Housing, IP65, for oscillators, safety barriers and terminal strips
AC-2104 Standard junction box for 2 sensors
AC-2103 EExi junction box for 2 velocity sensors
AC-2105 Intrinsically-safe junction box for 2 sensor connections
AC-2203 Conduit fittings for AC-2204 steel conduit
AC-2204 Stainless steel conduit, DN8
AC-2202 Conduit fittings for AC-2201 steel conduit
AC-2201 PU-covered, flexible steel conduit
Sensor holders / Feed through fittings
AC-101 Sensor holder for DS-xxxx and SD-xxxx sensors
AC-105 Sensor holder, fixed type, housing feed-through
AC-104 Terminal head for AC-101 and AC-105
AC-149 Sealed cable feed-through fitting