VAICO Vietnam 052013
VAICO Vietnam 052013
No. Items Specification Manufacture
1 2 3 4
1 Pressure Gauge 0-2000 kPa, 0100 Accuracy: 0.5%
Bottom & 1/2 NPTM connection
2 Temperature Gauge 0-100 oC Thermometer: 50-EI-60-E-140- O/lOOoC - XC4 - NH - SG, Thermowell: 15W- 0800 - HF - 260 - SS - R510 Aschcroft
3 Pressure gauge 4-1/2 inch dial size with 316L SS diaphram seal; 1/2 inch NPT connection; range 0- 2000kpa; Accuracy 1/2 percent full scale Gauge pressure model: 45-1279SS-04L-XSG- 0/2000 kpa Diaphram seal Ashcroft type 200
Model 50- 201SS-04T-XCK
4 Temperature gauge, bi-metallic type, dial case 5 inch diameter, 1/2 inch NPT connection, 1/4 inch stem, 6 inch long, range 0-90 Deg. Accuracy 1% full scale 50EI60E-060-XCS-XSG Ashcroft
5 Digital Valve Controller Type DVC 6030 Input 4-20mA, PT-PT, Max 30VDC, HART,
S/N: 00183007351
Fisher, Emerson
6 Temperature transmitter complete with sensor Model: 644HAK5/XA/J6/M5/Q4 Connection to sensor: 1/2 NPTF Sensor: PT100, 4 wire, stem dia: 6mm, length: 300mm Connection to trans: 1/2 NPTM Connection to Thermowell: 1/2 NPTM Rosemount, Emerson
7 Differential Pressure Transmitter 3051CD4A02A1B/M5/K8 Rosemount, Emerson
8 Pressure Transmitter 3051CG4A02A1B/M5/K8 Rosemount, Emerson
9 Level Indicator Transmitter 3051CD3A02A1B/M5/K8 Rosemount, Emerson
10 System Power Supply 24/12 VDC DeltaV, PN: VE5008 Emerson
11 Discrete Input Card 8 Channels 24Vdc Dry Contact Redundant Standard I/O Termination Block DeltaV, PN: VE4031S2T2B1 Emerson
12 Discrete Output Card 8 Channels 24 Vdc High Side, Redundant Standard I/O Termination Block DeltaV, PN: VE4032S1T2B1 Emerson
13 Analogue Input Card 8 Channels 4-20 mA, HART Redundant Standard I/O Termination Block DeltaV, PN: VE4033S2B1 Emerson
14 Analogue Output Card 8 Channels 4-20 mA HART Redundant Standard I/O Termination Block DeltaV, PN: VE4035S2B1 Emerson
15 8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar and Single DeltaV, PN: VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson
16 I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar DeltaV, PN: VE4050S2K1C1 Emerson
17 Serial Interface Card Redundant Serial Interface, 2- ports, terminal block DeltaV, PN: VE4006P2 Emerson
18 Redundant Serial Interface Cards Two-wide Termination Block with 2 Ports DeltaV, PN: VE4036P2 Emerson
19 Pneumatic Positioner 3610J Type: 3610J Fisher Controls/ Emerson
20 Pressure pneumatic controller Type : 4160K Fisher, Emerson
21 Ball valve 1/2" FNPT, 2 PC, Brass, max 600 psi, APOLLO Model : 94A10301 APOLLO
22 Manual call point Indoor MCP Autronica BF-300 Autronica
23 Manual call point Weatherproof MCP Autronica BF-502/N Autronica
24 Manual call point Explosion-proof MCP Autronica BF-502/EX Autronica
25 Inert pressure transducer GT-403 0,6 Bar absolute GT403 Autronica
26 Smoke detector Indoor Autrosafe BH-300 Autrosafe
27 Smoke detector Weatherproof Autrosafe BH-500/N Autrosafe
28 Smoke detector Explosion-proof Autrosafe BH-500/EX Autrosafe
29 Heat detector Indoor Autrosafe BD-300 Autrosafe
30 Heat detector Weatherproof Autrosafe BD-500 Autrosafe
31 Heat detector Explosion-proof Autrosafe BD-500/EX Autrosafe
32 Different pressure gauge: Dial face 100 mm; 4" dial; Connection: 2xl/2"NPT, Bottom Connection; Accuracy: 1,00% of Full Scale; Range: -1+5 BAR. Model: MIX5-D60-B Bourdon Sedeme

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